"Nature & Relax"

Interesting Places

Puerto Pirámides

From Puerto Pirámides it is possible to board for an expedition of whale sightseeing in the gulf of San Jose, between may and December. It is really an exciting show to see them jump and brake into the water again. There is a reserve of sea dogs there as well, with approximately 3000 animals in their breeding pe.

Punta Pardelas

This place offers more than one activity; snorkeling, diving, fishing, and beautiful landscapes for sightseeing.

Caleta Valdés

The reserve of sea elephants is located in this place, but also is it possible to find penguins and viewpoints, visited by tourists from all around the world.

Punta Delgada

Historical images seen from a lighthouse that has been working for more than 100 years, also, a sea elephant reserve.

El Doradillo

This beach is visited by whales (Ballena Franca Austral) that can be seen from the beach between august and October.

Punta Norte

Ideal spot for those interested in fauna sightseeing; sea elephants, sea dogs and orcas (killer whales).

La Isla de los Pájaros

Embracing the whole fauna of the place, this is an important bird reserve, where we can also find a little information center and viewpoints to see the different animals that live in this island.